Bill Barber

A highly unique international situation.  

              The Global "Convergence-Point" of Innovation

As an Open-Innovation consultant to both entrepreneurs and to private investors, I was invited to lead Intesa Sanpaolo's International, “StartUp Initiative”.  This tech-focused-program on Open Innovation and Economic Development, has grown to become the Global "Convergence Point" for thousands of innovative companies, investors and entrepreneurs. 

The Convergence Point of Innovation is generated by the combination of:
- The active role of multiple funding sources (Angels/VC/Corp VC/PE/Banking/Factoring)
- The International introductions of companies with global market potential
- The direct association with multiple targeted industries begging for open innovation
- The various stages of technology companies along their lifecycle pathway…

After ten years on the scientific side of the biotech industry, the last 25 years have been developing, founding, and funding new organizations and defining new products and services for major markets.  I have also been heavily involved as an educator, advisor, and consultant to hundreds of startups and turn-arounds at the request of corporate executives, banks, and private funding sources.